Process Control Analyst


Job title: Process Control Analyst

Company: Varite

Job description: The Opportunity This is an exciting opportunity to join the Shared Services Operations (SSO) team as we continue to propel the business through continuous improvements and operations excellence. This individual will focus on the process controls of a

The Opportunity This is an exciting opportunity to join the Shared Services Operations (SSO) team as we continue to propel the business through continuous improvements and operations excellence. This individual will focus on the process controls of all the operations within SSO with an aim to align with the policies of Global Procurement (GP), Supplier Onboarding (VRMO interfacing) & T&E. Individual will significantly contribute towards establishing the policy controls, track them for violations if any and fix them as needed. In the whole process you would be working on determining tool improvements needed to have system controls in place. Apart from working closely with GP & VRMO, role would demand a close partnership with Risk Advisory and Assurance Services (RAAS), SOX & Compliance teams. What you’ll Do The designate should be able to do the following activities for the GP Compliance audit, which includes (but not limited to) Compliance with Adobe’s Code of Business Conduct, with special consideration to avoid any actual or perceived conflict of interest. Identify the “After the Fact” (ATF) transactions in the system and build process controls to minimize the occurrence. Employee must not promise to award business to supplier prior to PO release or contract signature. Adobe Personnel must not instruct Suppliers to begin work or deliver goods prior to obtaining an approved PO and/or have a signed contract. Build the process to identify and track below possible violations. the noncompliance with RFP process as per GP policy. Sourcing involvement for large projects. Competitive bidding for small projects (Based on thresholds). Use preferred suppliers to buy. Audit the contracting process for below policy statements and track any violations. If a Contract is required, it must be initiated, and approved, within the CLM (Adobe’s Contract Management tool) unless authorized in writing in advance by Legal Use of Adobe Standard Contracts to minimize non-standard terms, and prolonged negotiation and approval cycles. No Adobe Personnel has authority to bind Adobe to any Contract unless that individual is specifically designated as an Authorized Signatory and has been trained on the associated responsibilities. All Contracts must be executed, either physically, digitally, or electronically, by the Authorized Signatory while that person is present in the applicable geographical location. The Adobe legal entity that is benefiting/receiving goods or services, should be party to such Contracts. Audit Purchase Requisition (PR) and Purchase Order (PO) process for compliance and track them. ‘All Suppliers must be fully on-boarded and approved (i.e. they are in Connected and Ready-To Transact status) prior to initiating a PR or Contract’. ‘PO is required for any procurement of (A) Goods or services over $5,000.00 USD or (B) Capital equipment or hardware over $2,500.00 USD (or foreign currency equivalent), inclusive of tax and delivery charges’. Audit the compliance to policy of SSO on review of all PRs and proposed contracts to determine if an Adobe Contract is needed. Build processes and document them to ensure adherence to the policy AP (Accounts Payable) and VRMO (Vendor Risk Management Office) process documents in alignment with the GP Policy. Generate the reports and create dashboards with help of BPCI (Business Process and Continuous Improvement) team for the visibility of leadership. Educate the users on violation and raise red flag to compliance on repeat violations. Strong framework around the periodic review of the policy exceptions approved by the designated authorities under the critical business needs. Identify any control processes in GP policy or SSO Operations process that needs to be implemented and work with business partners (GP, SSO, VRMO, Legal, Compliance etc.) to implement GP policy compliance process. Present the observations, recommendations to the leadership and conduct periodic reviews What you need to succeed Has good understanding of business requirements and can prioritize things accordingly. Flexible with timings to meet job requirements and is able to work on stretched assignments. Prepare adhoc reports as and when required and supports in building and maintaining dashboards in Power BI Shall actively identify problem areas and initiate process improvement and efficiency measures to mitigate those issues in coordination with peers and managers in Global Procurement, VRMO and SSO. Take complete ownership of all the assigned responsibilities Approach work with an authentic intellectual curiosity and a commitment to continuous improvement Ability to manage relationships involving diverse parties and adept at working with all levels of an organization. Excellent judgement in identifying the gaps and effective implementation of controls Able to take tactical decisions required for smooth functioning and delivery of the vertical. Demonstrates leadership skills, is a good communicator and exhibits a data based and scientific approach to problems. Thorough knowledge of tools used in the procurement.

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Location: Bangalore, Karnataka

Job date: Sun, 23 Jan 2022 23:03:36 GMT

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