Business Head – New Initiatives

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Job title: Business Head – New Initiatives

Company: Practo

Job description: Job Description

  • Own and build a new product offering and business in the domain of Healthcare
  • Generate sharp consumer insights around which the product and business can be designed
  • Generate Product market fit through rapid testing of different varieties of the solution, with a lean team and budget
  • Present to and work closely with the senior leadership at Practo in getting buy in on the product solution and market
  • Test market to ensure a good market size for the solution
  • Prove business model that is sustainable for scaling the product
  • Set out the vision of the product, followed by clear goals and a detailed plan for the business
  • Scale the business and product by hiring and working with various teams such as growth, product and marketing etc

Preferred Candidate Background

  • Deep interest in Healthcare and willingness to go deep into understanding the medical/cure part of healthcare. MBBS or Medical qualification will be an added benefit (not mandatory).
  • An experience in the Tech product space will be necessary (preferably in B2C space) – could be as a founder, product manager, marketer.
  • Strong First principles thinking .
  • Ability to lead a team around a common vision, get them motivated and excited – Past leadership experience will be necessary
  • Strong Data understanding orientation – very comfortable with Spreadsheets, Statistics, Analytics
  • Flexible and open to new ideas and approaches will be necessary. The role needs someone who is willing to explore across the spectrum and the individual should be willing to drop all past biases
  • Structured thinking – Ability to break down the problem into smaller building blocks, and prioritise. Past experience in Consulting, FMCG companies will be a plus
  • Willingness and patience to commit for 5-7 years to build the solutions since Healthcare disruptions have a longer gestation period
  • Past entrepreneurship experience or building products from scratch will be a plus. Failed startup experience with rich learnings is a bigger plus.

Expected salary:

Location: Bangalore, Karnataka

Job date: Sat, 29 Jan 2022 06:22:09 GMT

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