AVP Business Management Support

  Regulatory Affairs

Job title: AVP Business Management Support

Company: DBS Bank

Job description: Business Function

As the leading bank in Asia, DBS Consumer Banking Group is in a unique position to help our customers realise their dreams and ambitions. As a market leader in the consumer banking business, DBS has a full spectrum of products and services, including deposits, investments, insurance, mortgages, credit cards and personal loans, to help our customers realise their dreams and aspirations at every life stage. Our financial solutions are not only the best in the business – they were made just right for you.

Job Purpose (In a brief, specific one or two-sentence statement, answer the questions: “Why does this position exist?” and “What is it expected to accomplish?”)

A person in this role will ensure awareness of and adherence to processes, policies and codes of conduct laid down for CBG frontline staff. He/she will support the integration activities and work on process harmonisation and thematic quality assurance reviews. This person’s work will be used for monitoring controls (compliance to standards) and preparing for future risk perceived areas.

The job role may involve travel to branches / business partners locations for Quality assurance reviews

Key Accountabilities, KPIs and Job Responsibilities

Acting as the first line of defence, following are the key deliverables/tracks for the role, where the candidate will assist his/her leader in achieving the aforesaid objective:

  • Process/standards awareness and Control monitoring
  • Partner with BU/SU in integration activities and harmonisation of process controls.
  • As a first line of defence, create a robust control monitoring for Branch network through onsite and offsite review
  • Helping central teams build the right infrastructure for CBG teams to access knowledge & information they should stay aware of, maintained in a structured & easy to access/use manner
  • Continuous enrichment of the process repository to make it the preferred platform for checking processes
  • Regularly engaging with and coaching of teams reviewed, to ensure observations on areas of improvement are duly communicated and tracked for sustained improved performance
  • Creating knowledge depth by ideating & implementing regular tests/platforms to run such tests, to gauge knowledge retention levels
  • Regular follow ups to ensure internal or external mandated trainings are all completed well in time
  • Provide support to BU/SU during internal and external audits.
  • Adherence to processes & standards
  • Review the exiting process, policies to check if these are compliant with group policies / regulatory guidelines.
  • Reviewing information like audit reports, concurrent audit reports, Sales Health Check, Customer profiles, Complaints, Transaction Monitoring alerts handling, Mystery Shopping and other reports to detect trends to focus on for enhanced control monitoring.
  • Define various operational processes as well as standards or controls/checklists for staff adherence and ongoing monitoring
  • Develop indicators (leading/lagging) to identify potential control issues and deploy preventive measures
  • Create self-explanatory, sharp comprehensive high-level dashboards to monitor performance, duly supported by granular details to pointedly reflect state of affairs & improvement areas
  • Supporting enhanced monitoring by using means like thematic reviews such as complaints management, clean desk sweeps, portfolio certifications by clients, incentive or staff contest reviews, etc.
  • Ensure compliance to laid down training & certification requirements
  • Efficiently utilizing in-house teams & external agencies to measure what we expect through intelligently structured reviews & report cards
  • Aligning local dashboards & process check exercises to central/group activities to make most efficient use of efforts and avoiding duplication or rework
  • Regular tracking of regulatory certifications, AMFI/EUIN & IRDAI with the branches/staff covered
  • Ensure in spirit & word implementation and execution of internal & regulatory code of conduct and business ethics, clean desk, information security, internet usage, email usage etc.
  • Timely publishing of reports mandated, as applicable from time to time
  • Implement preventive and corrective actions for issues identified with a special focus on repeat findings (nature of findings/people found breaching, etc.)
  • Obtain a minimum of “satisfactory” rating in audits & reviews
  • Continuous improvement for efficiencies, monitoring & controls
  • Locally, as well as working with central teams on introducing smart & efficient solutions for ensuring process adherence in sales & service processes
  • Continuously evolving existing controls & metrics for sharpening those and covering additional areas through onsite and offsite reviews.
  • Expanding the scope of process adherence checks, being agile in identifying thematic areas of reviews while staying conscious of cost & time implications
  • Drive compliance to mandatory leave training on time. Coordinate with L&D HR for follow through actions
  • Support BCP activities as per process guidelines rolled out.
  • Stakeholder & vendor management/interface to facilitate smooth operations and acceptance to changes
  • Central office – Business Management Support team engagement for alignment of activities
  • Distribution & product teams in central office, for timely highlighting/escalations/problem solving
  • Ensure appropriate and timely guidance to and training of vendor resources, for timely production of reports expected, optimal performance, and improvement of existing processes

Experience (Indicate nature and extent of work experience including number of years required, if applicable.)

  • Demonstrated track record in FLOD, managing operations/process adherence monitoring
  • Adapt in change management skills and process re-engineering.
  • Exposure to monitoring of sales processes & controls will be highly advantageous
  • Intensive knowledge of Indian banking and regulatory guidelines
  • Equipped with knowledge of sales & client interface best practices/industry developments
  • Minimum 13-15 years’ experience in banking, first line of defence (FLOD), Change Management , process re-engineering.
  • Experience of multi-tasking, managing multiple stakeholders and independently having senior level interactions
  • Prior exposure to process writing, controls and governance.

Education / Preferred Qualifications (List the minimum and preferred qualifications required to perform all essential functions, including field of study)

  • CA/ MBA
  • Professional qualifications or certifications on process adherence, audits, etc. are desirable but not mandatory

Core Competencies (State the qualities, skills, behaviours and attitudes that the incumbent must possess in order to perform the responsibilities of this position.)

Competencies, traits & desired levels of proficiency:

  • Self driven – HIGHLY ADVANCED
  • Planning & organising – HIGHLY ADVANCED
  • Ownership of result – HIGHLY ADVANCED
  • Problem solving – ADVANCED
  • Assertiveness, influencing & negotiation skills – HIGHLY ADVANCED
  • Multi-tasking in high complexity & time critical situations – ADVANCED
  • Teamwork & collaboration – ADVANCED
  • Change / innovation orientation – ADVANCED
  • Communication, including senior stakeholder management – ADVANCED
  • Vendor management – MODERATE
  • Business Focus – MODERATE
  • Customer Focus – MODERATE
  • Developing & Coaching – MODERATE
  • Leadership – BASIC

Work Relationship (State the essential working relationships with superiors, peers and subordinates as well as external parties which will contribute directly to the successful accomplishment of this job.)

  • Reporting to VP in CBG COO unit
  • Working with Branch staff, RMs, City Head(s), Operations, vendor(s), Compliance, Risk, Consumer Banking product & distribution teams
  • Interactions w/direct reports of Heads of Departments and others defined from time to time

Expected salary:

Location: Mumbai, Maharashtra

Job date: Wed, 26 Jan 2022 01:16:42 GMT

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