Charge Nurse – Nursing

  Paramedical Vacancy

Job title: Charge Nurse – Nursing

Company: Apollo Gleneagles Hospitals Limited

Job description: Job Summary: * The post holder will be required to work as a skilled member of the Unit to assist and lead in the provision of Quality care to patients and families. This includes assessment, planning, implementation and evaluation of care for pat

Job Summary: The post holder will be required to work as a skilled member of the Unit to assist and lead in the provision of Quality care to patients and families. This includes assessment, planning, implementation and evaluation of care for patients. They will consolidate and maintain good unit management and organizational skills and will lead and assist with the provision of an environment conducive to the education of all staff. The post holder will additionally offer support, guidance and teaching to those members of the team those who are less experienced. Job Responsibilities: Nursing Service: Possess the necessary knowledge and skills to provide a high standard of clinical nursing care that meets the patient’s needs within the agreed policies. Be responsible for the clinical observation and recording of data relating to patients in the Critical care, ensuring that accurate records of patient care and progress are maintained and reviewed. Makes appropriate and safe decisions relating to patient needs and plans, communicating actively with other members of the team where appropriate. Respects patients’ dignity, wishes and beliefs, involving them in decision making and obtaining their consent. Acts as liaison officer between the Nursing Officer and the staff nurse. Communicate regularly with staff, patients and their relatives, to promote and maintain understanding and progress and co-operation with treatment. Initiate and participate in unit developmental activities and take a proactive role in the implementation of procedures and policies to improve Quality. Be aware of the role of audit and research, have the ability to maintain an effective audit trail and work towards continual improvement in quality assurance programme. Maintain and protect the safety and confidentiality of patients and families. Ensure that her team is aware about the policies and practice the same to the patients. Provides direct nursing care, as necessary may carry out a variety of treatments and procedures, to assist in the nursing care of residents with various illnesses and other conditions. Administers medications, treatments, and assists with examinations and procedures, as necessary. Nursing Administration: Makes patient assignments to nurses and other health care staff matching the level of skill with the illness of the patient and distributing the patient care loads as evenly as possible Observes staff performance and resolves interpersonal problems among staff. Assigns new patients to rooms adjusts staff according to changing workloads. The post holder will practice with increased professional autonomy and assume greater responsibility for decision making within the clinical setting, supported by protocols and patient group directives. Protects staffing needs for oncoming shift verifies hours for payroll. Transcribes (Only in diabetic order and Emergency situation) and verifies physicians%27 orders in case if it is needed. Safety: Ensures that all her team Complies with the policies to render the safe care for our customers and proactively takes steps to ensure the safety of the patient and family in the hospital and at home. Professional responsibilities: Maintains up to date registration with the Tamilnadu Nursing and Midwives Council and work within the Code of Professional Conduct and also she ensures the same for the other RNs. Complies with policies and procedures laid down by the Department, and adhere to specific unit policies and guidelines. Acts as a role model, manages and supervises staff development in conjunction with agreed learning objects Supports staff in the Unit in, service development and new initiatives. Demonstrates the level of competence/skill required to fulfill the role of Critical care. Identifies and selects the star performer of the month as per the preset criteria along with Clinical instructors. Assists Nursing Officer in the development of both pre and post-registered RNs on placement in Critical care. Presents a professional image in a manner that promotes a positive impression of the Unit. Demonstrates effective communication skills within the Unit Maintains collaborative working within the multi-disciplinary team through good communication. Understands the Department’s complaints procedure and as appropriate manage a situation in a sympathetic and timely manner. Participates in the appraisal and development programme for junior colleagues. 14. Maintains anecdotes for the staff and reports to Nursing Officer if there is any variation. Staff development: Plans and ensures that the training programs are organized as per the guidelines of Nursing education wing. Conducts orientation program in coordination with clinical instructors. Selects and Guides the preceptors. Personal Development: Continues to develop specialist clinical skills, especially in Units in response to service requirements. Actively participates in clinical teaching as required and support junior staff in achieving the targets identified within their own personal development plans. Participates in induction programmes, mentorship, preceptorship and clinical supervision as required Contributes to unit educational, training and teaching strategies, both as learner and teacher. Observes and performs the skill assessment for the best performing nurses and make recommendations Accepts responsibility for delegated roles in educational, training and teaching strategies within the department. Prioritize and organize own workload in a manner that maintains and promotes Quality. Quality Improvement Collect the data assist the Nursing Officer in Analyzing and interpreting the data participates actively in controlling the errors. B) Assist the Nursing Officer in conducting the session for the RN’s related to quality improvement sets the smart targets in coordination with RN’s Other activities: Attends departmental meetings and identifies the current trends and implement in the unit. Adheres to internal controls and reporting structure. Participate in the hospital Quality Improvement Program and monitor quality indicators. Maintains and Checks for the completion of accurate documentation. Performs any job/ task as and when assigned by the superior.

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Location: Bangalore, Karnataka

Job date: Sat, 12 Feb 2022 23:58:04 GMT

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